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Current Projects

Here are some current projects we are working on and projects we have the in the pipeline.

  • We are in the process of preparing a feasibility study for a 55+ assisted living facility in a rural part of New Mexico. Challenges that need to be addressed in the study are income demographics, amenities for the residents, emergency services in the area if needed, and daily operations due to the remote location of the facility. The need for this facility is overwhelming, unfortunately these facilities are financially stressing on most families, especially in low-income regions across America.
  • We’re in the planning stages of potentially preparing a feasibility study for Park N Fly business. We cannot disclose the location/airport at this time. We will utilize Spatial Economic Analysis to refine the target market. On the outside, the business looks like a gold mine. But there are far more details to consider than at first glance.
  • We’re in the planning stages of potentially preparing a feasibility study for a Laundromat business in South Carolina. One of the main challenges is whether to start the business from scratch or buy an existing operation.
  • We are in the planning stages of a major farm restoration project in Nigeria. The farm is over 12,000 acres. The client needs to know the status of the farm and have us prepare an analysis about the restoration process and re-starting production to maximize the farms potential. This is a long term project.
  • We are in the planning stages of potentially preparing a market analysis for an electrical generation project in Nigeria. We have several potential energy feasibility projects in Africa at the moment. Some require a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA). These are large projects that we’re not sure can go from concept to operational.

We’ll post more updates soon…

We welcome all inquiries and would be glad to discuss your feasibility study needs.

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